Who We Are

Thomas R Schilreff
Founder, CEO

Hello!  I’m Tom Schilreff.  I have been assisting pre-retirees and retirees like you since 1995.  Through my programs, I have taught thousands of people strategies designed to protect and preserve their assets, increase their retirement income and reduce their taxes.

My firm, Schilreff Wealth Management, was founded in 1996, in Scottsdale, AZ. Today we are proud to be located in Granite Park Two, Plano, TX.  I am an alumna of the University of Nebraska at Kearney and hold licensing in securities and insurance.

I attribute my success to relationships, staff, focus and passion.  I believe some people leave their financial advisors not because of a lack of returns but, because of a lack of relationships.  There is a very real bond evident at Schilreff Wealth Management between staff members and our clients.

Nancy W Schilreff, PhD
Vice President

As a former Professor of Psychology, my focus is financial awareness for women, of all ages, at all stages of their lives. The self-assurance and understanding gained by actively planning for their income, investments, healthcare, estate, and legacy, has elevated their financial acuity and opened the door to a new freedom, informed decision-making. The dynamics of market movement, interest rates, taxes and healthcare are a wonder and a fear for many of my clients and my role is to provide them with solutions that will enable them to achieve and maintain the retirement of their dreams.

Often, we engage in client meetings with their families. We believe in educating and engaging the next generation, in an open platform, inviting questions from all participants. We present a binder to our clients, complete with family Trusts, Wills, Annuities, Investments, Real Estate Holdings, and more. At the end of our series of meetings, family members know the information found in their binder will give them incredible relief and assurance, during their time of grief. Every client and their family are treated as a member of our family, with whom we want to develop a caring and lasting relationship.