Baby Boomer Film

Join Schilreff Associates for the Premier of
The Baby Boomer Dilemma

Join Nancy and Tom on July 28th at the Studio Movie Grill – Plano for a special showing of The Baby Boomer Dilemma.

This new documentary from writer and director, Doug Orchard, is an in-depth dive into the reality of retirement plans for baby boomers and the reality of pensions and social security becoming a thing of the past.

You’ll learn how to secure your retirement and ensure you and your family have enough money to enjoy your lives after retirement.

Doug Orchard’s expertly made documentary features information and tips for retirement planning you won’t find from any other financial or retirement resource. Now’s your chance to get ahead of coming economic and government policy changes to secure and maintain your retirement!

Featuring insights from America’s economic and government experts, including William F. Sharpe, Ph. D., Robert C. Merton, Ph. D., Bridget C. Madrian, Ph. D., and more, this special film event is sure to assist you in your retirement planning and outlook for future financial decisions.

Theater Information:
Studio Movie Grill – Plano
4721 West Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093
(469) 405-8527
Located in: Berkeley Square

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